Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year

Resolutions. I try not to make too many, as it so often seems there is just that much more chance of falling short. I have had the same goals, short and long term, for several years now, but resolutions seem different.

I am trying to make a few changes in my work habits. More drawing - a bit every day. It's amazing how quickly you get rusty, and with two dogs and three cats at home, horses surrounding the studio, and things seen walking everyday, there is no shortage of subjects for a quick drawing session. This is Finn, our younger dog, in the middle of her post-walk nap. She's 80 pounds of love, muscle, and boundless energy.

In terms of painting this year, I want to do more large scale work. I love the intimacy of smaller pieces, but the mass of a larger piece has the opportunity for much more impact. To me the real challenge of a larger piece is to paint it in such a way that you have increased the scale without increasing detail. Everything needs to be bigger -paint loads, movements, textures - so that the surface quality carries the viewer, rather than a multitude of details. I am really feeling limited by my van, as a four foot canvas is as large as I can carry. I'll aim for a new ride by the end of the year.

Finishing up a couple large pieces, and experimenting with a piece as a Christmas gift to my wife, Darby, kind of got me off track in December. I am feeling pretty energized by a great holiday break, and I'm prepping several large canvases and a couple dozen panels to start the year.

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