Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet the Neighbors, Part 1

A couple weeks back, Darby and I took the dynamic duo out for an evening stroll, and ran into the annual snapping turtle migration. Migrating from the creek to a nest, then back.

Of course I didn't have a camera, but there were several out again in the morning.

It's always surprising to see how many there are, seemingly every couple hundred feet. We have only a very rare sighting through the rest of the year, despite walking the creek nearly every day.

I'm afraid I'll miss the hatching this year- tiny snappers, miniature mirrors of their mother, trudging towards the water.


Scott said...

Nice shots. It's almost like they're so efficient for their habitat, they didn't need to evolve. They strike me as so prehistoric! Beautiful creatures.

Richard C. Harrington said...

Yeah, I agree. Like looking at a living dinosaur. I'm always surprised about how many people dislike- well, hate, them. Even when I've run into them in the water they are never aggressive. Just reclusive, amazing beasts.