Friday, June 20, 2008

Jack's Place, final version

Jack's Place, Winter Sky
46 x 56 inches, Oil on linen

Finished just in time for tonight's Geneseo Art Stroll, where I'll be showing work at the Big Tree Inn. My favorite show of the year - the Inn is a great setting to see the work, it lasts only one night, and they have a great bar.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer, but still painting winter.

Winter Sun, 8 x 10 inches, oil on panel
I just finished this small study, based on a quick glimpse of a barn seen this past winter when a friend and I went down to check on my folks place.

We spent Father's Day at my folk's house, celebrating both Father's Day and my mother's birthday. In keeping with my Dad's Father's Day, there was labor involved. My father, my son and I - three generations of smart asses joined in common labor. We spent part of the day building a section of stone wall. I really enjoy physical labor, fully recognizing it may be directly related to how little of it I get/have to do. Painting just isn't that physically demanding.

I'm painting like a madman, with some of the largest canvases I've ever done nearing completion. Learning a lot about handling paint on larger surfaces, keeping the surface energized. I'm very excited about some of what is happening, but not enough time in the day to work, and then write about it. I'll have to catch up on the blogging in the days/weeks ahead.

It's warmer now, and the flies are out pestering the horses. One of my favorite pictures of Cooper, Darby's horse, chasing off flies.