Tuesday, January 15, 2008


If a tree falls in the forest.......... Well, how about if you never get around to posting on your blog. Still basking away in blogging anonymity, it doesn't matter to anybody but me. OK, Mom and Dad, I'll try to be a bit more consistent.

So, here is sketch fairly typical of the way I have been working over the past couple years. I will often include a bunch of color notes, indicating the colors, and the way I think I would paint them- something like, "creamy orange under layers of gray, blue and orange." Notes to jog my memory when I decide I want to do something with the sketch. It is about 4 inches square.

And here is the painting that resulted from the sketch, Along the Mohawk, oil on panel, 9 x 10 inches. It is fairly representative of where I have come to with my landscape painting - somewhere between abstract and representational. I want to continue more in this vein, but I also want to address my building desire to to work ever larger. I've done dozens of larger pieces, and it is in the larger sizes I see the opportunity for greater change and growth, both in the conception of the painting and the handling of the paint itself.

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