Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

First day of fishing season. OK, not really. Most of the local trout streams are open year-round now, and for those who still insist on getting in elbow to elbow every year on April 1st, well, I think there’s a reason it coincides with April Fool’s Day. I like a little space while I fish.

Evening at the Willow Pool,
stone lithograph, image size 6 1/2 x 9 inches, from an edition of 125 hand pulled prints.

By the time May comes around, mud season is mostly over, water levels have dropped a bit, and the Hendrickson hatch is in full swing, with March Browns and Sulphers to follow. I had a great afternoon fishing with the Professor last week, and hope to slip in a couple hours this afternoon.

And as for May Day, Darby got a vase of Tulips this morning. And the Trillium is spread throughout the woods out back.


David Oleski said...

You didn't get me anything for May Day?

Richard C. Harrington said...

Sorry DO, my heart belongs to Darb.

Zach said...

Rick -
Like the blog...
I did some stocking on the Conewago in PA in April and did some great fishing this month. I got native brown and rainbows plus some of the stocked brookies. Looks like I will miss the shad run this year. Keep in touch....