Friday, May 23, 2008

What's your favorite color?

When my kids were young, this wasn't an infrequent question. Which I was frustratingly unable to answer. I'd usually end up with something like, Burnt orange. Hey, it's an answer.

The above color sample was my palette one moment, one day last week. My friend Dylan Strzynski and I were talking color last week, and found that both of us have kind of settled on a pallette of colors we're hapy with, and mix from there. I use Zinc/Titanium White, Alizaron Crimson Permanent, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Blue, occasionally Viridian Green, when I can't mix quite the right green. Green. The most challenging color. And Cadmium Orange. My favorite color? I don't have a favorite, but Cadmium Orange, man..........lush, rich. Wow.

I do love color.


David Oleski said...

What? No lemon yellow? Very bold, young man.

Richard C. Harrington said...

DO, what is layin' around on that palette of yours?

Unknown said...

Burnt Sienna was actually the most common answer to that question.

Richard C. Harrington said...

As a parent there is little room to disagree over memories from the era of your children's childhood. Being younger, they always, have, the clear memory.

Hmmmmm, I'd have to say I think you're right. Funny how I don't even have that in the color lineup now. Burnt sienna, a touch of Alizaron, a smaller touch of Ultramarine Blue. Burnt Sienna. Or close enough.

I feel like I should sign off, Love, Dad

David Oleski said...

What do I use, RC? Cadmium yellow and lemon yellow, alizarin crimson and cadmium red medium, pthalo green and ultramarine blue...and white. No earth tones for me, or naples yellow or brown, grey, black or polka dots or plaid, just the pure stuff. In art school I learned to use cobalt blue and permanent green light, but now those colors only look like plastic to me.

dylan S. said...

Cadmium orange is a really good color. For a long time the idea of using an orange right out of the tube seemed kind of like cheating. Obviously now that's silly to me. Especially when you consider that I constantly use the same crappy brand of bright pink. I could mix it or even start using a better brand but I can't. I like a certain one.
But back to my favorite color. Chromium oxide green. Not a popular green. I use it at almost the exclusion of any other green. I have a tube of some other green laying around but hardly use it and think it will probably go bad before it runs out. Chromium oxide green is almost like the color all of my other colors are based around.